Local Attractions

Paddle Wanaka

Discover hidden corners of the lake, soak in panoramic views, and create lasting memories with Paddle Wanaka


Lavender farm

The serene and calming atmosphere of lavender farms makes them popular destinations for those seeking a peaceful and sensory-rich escape in the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand.

Ground up Brewery

Brewing a variety of beer styles using different ingredients such as malted barley, hops, water, and yeast.

Red bridge berry farm

Berry farms are popular destinations for families, offering a combination of outdoor recreation, fresh produce.



These centers provide a wide range of services, including information about local attractions, accommodations, activities, and transportation options.

Lake side bar

feature outdoor seating, waterfront decks, or large windows to take advantage of the surrounding landscape.

Puzzling World

Visitors can explore a variety of mind-bending rooms and outdoor attractions, including maze that challenge awareness.

holiday home

Holiday Park

These parks are often situated in scenic locations, providing visitors with access to outdoor activities and natural attractions.

Mount Aspiring Holiday park

It is a scenic accommodation destination situated in the stunning surroundings of the Southern Alps in New Zealand.


It offers a wide variety of equipment, and customizable characters, contributing to its appeal among FPS enthusiasts.

toy shop

National Transport & Toy museum

Visitors can explore a diverse range of exhibits, including classic cars, motorcycles, bicycles, aircraft, etc.

Glendhu Bay Holiday Camp

Visitors can enjoy a tranquil setting with access to outdoor activities such as hiking, water sports, and fishing, etc.

hook wanaka

Hook- lake to plate Dining

The menu feature a variety of freshly caught fish and seafood dishes, prepared with skill and creativity.